Murals & Frescoes

Jean Charles Dicharry's body of work, executed both in the United States and abroad, possesses a stylistic diversity that affirms his intuitive qualities - qualities he uses to connect deeply with clients to achieve both the development of the appropriate imagery for their character and transformation of space.

"A creative project is proposed only after taking into account the client's priorities which involves apprehending his or her style of life, discerning what architecture has to offer, and finally laying out, with the help of art history's references, the stylistic possibilities. This process is critical for helping the client develop a true sense of which style is most befitting."

"An original work of art, whether it is classical or contemporary, requires an absolute respect for the authentic style of a specific period and its cultural foundation"

"Cave paintings, Minoen frescoes, those of the Quattrocentro or the contemporary graffities are, among these, outstanding iconographic references for their usage of art's international language of symbols and for revealing how mood, tone and style can capture and resonate the human experience. These elements are the hallmark of a timeless masterpiece"